Audio Visualizer

Audio Visualizer


The Audio Visualizer tool is an easy to use, one stop shop for beat detection and audio visualization. 

  • Microphone input
  • Mobile compatible
  • Audio visualization
  • Audio beat detection
  • Detect beats before they happen
  • Compatible with Unity 5.3.5 or higher 
  • Pre-record tracks for optimized performance
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Customers Comments:

"Audio Visualizer has become the very foundation for my rhythm game!"

"Not only can you enhance your scene's appearance with the vibrant and powerful visualisers, but it comes with an incredibly useful "Audio Event Listener" script that allows you to call your own functions/events to the selected frequency of the music - in realtime".

"Every script is easy to use and comes with example scenes that demonstrate a few different ways you may apply them".

"I spent quite some time looking for an audio tool that would meet all the requirements for my game, and Audio Visualizer did that and so much more"

"Highly recommended!"

-Brian Forsberg