Mesh Tracer

Mesh Tracer


The Mesh Tracer tool lets you easily add visual effects to any 3D model. Use particle systems and trail renderers to create breathtaking scenes or unique effects to juice up your game. 

  • Make awesome effects
  • Animated mesh support
  • Create colorful wireframes
  • Emit particles across a mesh
  • Compatible with Unity 5.1.2 or higher
  • Trace out a mesh with Trail Renderers
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Customers Comments:

"Line Rendering Neon Magic".

"Just incredible library for creating stunning visual effects! Thanks to this asset I can easily create disco and retro-futuristic scenes, neon signs, stylized trajectory rendering, etc (it's a big plus that it has many demoscenes, one of them feels very much like effects from "Infamous: Second Son"). This library is perfect even for such natural effects like lightning and raindrops dripping from a surfaces. Camera culling feature is also great! And thanks devs for very detailed video tutors!"