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Dog Eat Dog Games is an indie game startup in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We blend arcade-style games with emerging tech to create cutting-edge experiences. We also create game development tools for the Unity Asset Store as a way of connecting with the community and supporting our team. We are currently a humble but driven team consisting of one developer, one musician, and one marketing manager.

Our games are deeply rooted in audio. We feel that tying music into a game’s mechanics increases immersion and gets players into that flow zone where they feel unstoppable. These audio driven mechanics pair well with the demanding challenge of arcade style play. Beat Planet Madness is an example of this philosophy, where players are drawn into a bullet dodging spaceship blasting trace.

Est. 2014 in Albuquerque, New Mexico.



Kurt Hollowell

Founder & Lead Programmer of Dog Eat Dog Games. He has over 5 years of game development experience, and has a passion for rhythm games and procedural generation. He also speaks Danish! (Super useful in New Mexico ;))


Dmitri Belichenko aka KloneZ

Canadian electronic music producer, composer, sound designer and DJ. He's always been interested in sound design and music for rhythm games. He loves to hear his bleeps and bloops come together in a chaotic symphony of sound. Over a decade of audio experience in all sorts of stuff from TV to film and games. He now joins Dog Eat Dog games to add audio to their visual magic.